Nightlife discovery, Simplified

All the best Bars and Nightclubs in one place.


We all love a good night out.

There's one problem, though, when you're traveling or simply looking for a change:
Discovering new places sucks - You're either going on someone else's recommendation or winging it and hoping for the best. It's not an ideal situation.

What are we doing about it?

We're building the discovery solution you've been missing.
A platform that understands what you like and, through integrations with other platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, helps you find places that match your vibe and playing your tunes.


Just a couple of Devs (Tim & Carter) at the moment, but when we close the pre-seed investment round we'll be hiring a few more people to join the team.

You can find out more about the team on LinkedIn.


We're a fully remote team, and will probably stay that way.

Currently the team is distributed across the UK and USA, but we're not particular about where people in the team live.
So long as the work gets done and we build a great platform.

What about Funding?

You can find out about our current funding round on our F6S page.

Why Open-Source?

All code can be cloned, and software patents are not the solution. If your only unique selling point is your code then you're doing it wrong.

By making our code open-source, people can learn how we build stuff, and we make it easier for developers around the world can help us find bugs and protect our users.

It's a common misconception that Open-Source means free. If another company want's to license our code for commercial use, then naturally there's a fee.